Monday 30 September 2013

Entire Breaking Bad series revealed as elaborate ‘intervention’ by Jesse’s parents

As Breaking Bad ended in the US, viewers were shocked to learn all five series were an elaborate set of staged scenes designed to wean protagonist Jesse Pinkman off drugs.

Series lead ‘Walter White’ was revealed to be an out of work teacher hired by the Pinkman family to show their son that ‘drugs are bad’.

The series finale began with Jesse being released from his cage by his parents to the words, “So Jesse, will you really stop taking drugs this time?”

The character of Jesse was then sat down in front of all the other characters who explained in turn why they loved him and why they wanted him to ‘get straight’.

As Jesse’s father Adam told him in the cold open, “Sure, some people might call this tough love. But we had no choice.  You had started smoking joints in the house.”

“We knew we were getting somewhere when we had that child shot and killed in front of you, but you still needed another little push, which included a series of vicious beatings at the hands of a neo-Nazi group of meth dealers.”

“Honestly, you will thank us for this in the long run. We love you Jesse and consider this 18 months well-spent.”

Breaking Bad concluded

The character of Walter White admitted the ruse had left him finding it difficult to secure any teaching work, and facing several federal indictments, but that numerous lucrative offers had come from strange Eastern European groups.

He told the group in a closing scene, “I’ve always given Jesse the chance to show he had changed, even letting his girlfriend die at his parent’s request, to show him the way to a better path.”

“He just didn’t take it right away.”

“Still, it will be nice for Skyler and I to get back to normal.”

“It was a real shame about Hank though, but if his death goes some way towards helping Jesse stop using again, it will be worth it.”

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