Sluts furious at UKIP member comparison

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Promiscuous women everywhere have spoken of their anger at being compared to a room full of UKIP activists.

With UKIP member Godfrey Bloom calling a room full of UKIP women ‘sluts’, genuine sluts have said it draws a dangerous parallel for people who know them.

Self-proclaimed slut Sharon Williams told us, “I can live with being called names such a slattern, harlot, and strumpet – but being likened to a UKIP supporter is absolutely taking it too far.”

“What if someone assumes that just because I’m a slut that I also want Johnny Foreigner to go back where he came from? It doesn’t bear thinking about it.”

“Already I’ve had one woman look down her nose at me because she thought I believed immigration was weakening the country’s white bloodline just because I have a well above average number of sexual partners.”

“When she found out that actually I just have a very welcoming vagina, she was very apologetic.”

UKIP sluts

Sluts across the country have called for an official apology from Godfrey Bloom, insisting that the harm done to their reputations by his comparison could prove irreparable.

As one explained, “Who will want to have sex with us if they think we’re a closet racist little-Englander a bit too afraid to join the BNP.”

Williams went on, “Just because I am a willing sexual partner for just about anyone who shows an interest in me, does not mean I don’t care about being a decent person to people from different countries.”

“I have no interest in being the acceptable face of racism in this country. Just the slutty one.”