Tuesday 17 September 2013

Rugby team apologises for making David Cameron drink own piss

The British and Ireland Lions have apologised for making the Prime Minister drink a pint of his own piss during a bonding session at 10 Downing Street.

The Lions touring party was invited to number 10 to celebrate their success in Australia, before asking David Cameron to join them for some celebratory drinks.

A one Downing Street insider told us, “They made him neck a couple of beers and take his shirt off, which was a little difficult, but he soon loosened up.”

“But after Manu Tuilagi showed him how to set fire to your own pubic hair it all went downhill.”

“As he finished a pint of his own piss at 1am to a chorus of ‘Get it down you Zulu warrior’ we had to have a quiet word and remind he had a call with the UN Security Council at 7am this morning.”

“Yes, he missed it.”

Lions at Downing Street

Manu Tuilagi himself has apologised to the Prime Minister for topping up the pint of piss from his own bladder.

“It was just a joke, and I apologise if some people who don’t understand rugby think it’s disrespectful to make someone drink your own piss.”

“They’ll never understand.”

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