Friday 6 September 2013

Pay and conditions didn’t seem so bad during the summer, admits Teaching Union

Teachers have announced they are to strike over pay and conditions after realising they can’t always be on holiday.

The two biggest teaching unions, the NUT and NASUWT have claimed their members are not happy with the bit of their job that involves spending time with the country’s children.

A spokesperson explained, “We didn’t announce this strike during the summer because, frankly, that bit is pretty good.”

“I mean, who doesn’t want a few weeks off during a record heat wave? I think we get paid an appropriate amount to do that.”

“But this ‘spend all day every day with young people’ stuff? We simply don’t get paid enough for that.”

Teachers to strike

Teachers have said their demands are not unrealistic, and that they just want what’s fair.

31-year-old teacher Simon Williams told us, “I went into teaching a bright-eyed 21 year-old thinking I’d be a millionaire at 35 and ready to retire by the time I was 40.”

“But it hasn’t happened. Why not? I feel like I was lied to by the government, and I want to them to know what I need to be happy in this job.”

“It’s only fair.”

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