Warner Bros executives asked if they’ve ever seen Daredevil

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As Ben Affleck was confirmed as the new Batman, Warner Bros executives were inundated with copies of 2003 superhero movie, Daredevil.

Affleck will play the caped crusader opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman in the as-yet-untitled 2015 Batman vs Superman film, in what fans are calling the worst piece of miss-casting since Paris Hilton was cast in anything at all.

Batman fan Simon Williams told us, “Jesus wept have they not seen Daredevil?”

“I know that hardly anyone saw it in the cinema, but surely to god someone in Hollywood saw the movie?”

“Let me assure you, Ben Affleck in a mask and tight-fitting costume roaming the night does not a good movie make.”

“It’s almost like they’ve decided it doesn’t matter who plays Batman. Well it bloody well does.”

“Christ, I now fear it’s only a matter of time before they cast Matt Damon as bloody Robin.”

Ben Affleck as Batman

Affleck has spoken of his excitement at the role, telling reporters, “Sure, some people will point to my quotes after Daredevil where I said being in a costume was professionally embarrassing and not something I’d ever do again.”

“But I didn’t know how much this gig would pay when I said that.”

“Kerching baby!”