Australia’s Darren Lehmann is a ‘blatant loser’ insists Stuart Broad

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England bowler Stuart Broad has called on fans to make Australian coach Darren Lehmann ‘cry’ over his ‘blatant loss’ of the Ashes.

Lehmann was criticised for leading Australia to a series defeat in which their highlight has been a rain-influenced draw.

Broad told reporters, “I hope the England fans give it to him right from the word go for the rest of the summer,”

“And I hope he cries and goes home. I don’t advocate losing, but when you lose this badly the Australian public will take it pretty hard.”

He added in the interview with one radio station, “Certainly the England players haven’t forgotten, they’re calling him everything under the sun as they go past so I would hope the England public are the same because this has been a pretty blatant hammering.”

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Stuart Broad on Lehmann

In the build-up to the final Test, which begins on today at The Oval, Lehmann defended his losing record, insisting the defeats have been caused by Australia not being very good.

Lehmann said, “It hasn’t been as clear-cut as everyone says, particularly if you ignore the scores, the runs scored or wickets taken.”

“If you ignore all of those we’ve had a pretty good summer actually.”