75 year-olds promise to try and cut down on racism when on jury duty

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As the government announced people aged 75 can sit on juries, many of them promised they will try not to put all black people in prison straight away.

The government said elderly jurors could bring valuable life experience to a jury, having seemingly never engaged an old person in conversation.

Simon Williams told us, “My Gran is 73, and frankly she wouldn’t look out-of-place with a white pointy hat. But she gets away with it because she’s a cute old person and we can ignore her.”

“If she was on Twitter she’d have been in prison years ago.”

“The thought of her judging ‘one of those funny-looking brown ones’ as she likes to call them is absolutely terrifying.”

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“If you think our prisons are full of black people now, lets give it a couple of years of juries full of old people.”

Jurors serving up to 75

The elderly have spoken of their willingness to rein in their immediate reaction when confronted with a black person accused of a crime.

Septuagenarian Deirdre Matthews told us, “You can all rest assured that I will listen with an open mind to what the lawyers have to say, and carefully consider the evidence presented to me, before putting the darkie away for as long as is possible.”