Middleton family criticised for lack of Instagram filters

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The first official photographs of Prince George appear to be completely free from any Instagram filters, a concerned nation revealed today.

The photographs, taken by George’s grandfather Michael Middleton, appear to be have been taken with an eight year old Nokia 3230.

Middleton spoke of his pride at the photos, “My trusty Nokia might not have a flash, but at 1.2 megapixels the guy on eBay told me it takes better photos than any phone on the market.”

“I think the photos look amazing. Until you put them on a computer, obviously.”

“The Nokia is great, it also does text messaging and the Internet using something called WAP – do you want to see?”

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Prince george photographs

People who know what a camera is and how to use it, have spoken of their disappointment of the first official photographs.

Simon Williams explained, “Do they not understand the social faux pas of publishing a photo not made to look like it was spat out of the front of a thirty year old Polaroid camera?”

“I’d be embarrassed to put that on Facebook.”

Another asked, “I’m confused, did he take that photo with a potato?”