Voyager 1 now worried it left the gas on

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Voyager 1 has celebrated leaving the solar system with a panicked radio message asking if someone could check the gas hob at its home.

Almost 36 years after leaving home , the craft has left the gravitational influence of the Sun before realising it needed to pop back home quickly.

The radio transmission from Voyager 1 said, “I first thought there was something I’d forgotten when I went past Mars.  But by the time I reached Neptune I was pretty sure it was just cancelling the milk.”

“But Christ almighty now all I can think of is the hob. What if the place has blown up?

“Or worse still, what if I’ve got 36 years worth of gas bills waiting for me.  Those debt collectors can find you anywhere, even beyond the heliosphere.”

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“I bet by now the average gas bill is over ten pounds a year, right?”

Voyager 1 leaves solar system

Now just over 6.3 billion miles from earth, Voyager admitted it would be more than a bit inconvenient to turn around and check.

The transmission continued, “It’s a long way, but to be honest I’m not sure I’ll be able to relax on the rest of the trip if I don’t know for sure that the hob is off.”

“Look, if NASA wants me to focus on looking at the bleakness of inter-stellar space, then I probably need to turn back now.”

“Put the kettle on, I’ll be back in 2049.”

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