Hunters eager to be first to kill newly discovered animal ‘Olinguito’

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Hunters around the world have begun the race to put a bullet in the head of the newly discovered mammal in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador, known as ‘Olinguito’.

It has taken more than a decade to identify the mammal, a discovery that hunters say represents an incredibly rare opportunity to be the first person in history to kill something.

Hunter Chuck Williams told us, “The thought of killing this new animal really gets my blood running.”

“Frankly I’m bored with killing other these other animals now, so it’s about time they found a new one for me to shoot dead for no reason other than my own satisfaction.”

“I’ve booked my flights to Ecuador this morning. To be the first to kill this new creature would be amazing.”

“It would be like the first caveman who took down a mammoth, or something.”

“Admittedly it’s a little small, so when I mount its head in my trophy room it won’t look that impressive.”

“I suppose I might kill a few and make a bit of a collage.”