Facebook users feigning interesting lives ‘left depressed’ by Facebook users feigning interesting lives

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Facebook users who to pretend they have an interesting life are being left depressed by the posts of Facebook users pretending they have an interesting life.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, researchers found that frequently using Facebook can impact a person’s well-being, with those likely to believe the bullshit status updates of others at a higher risk of depression.

Lead researcher, Hilary Mount, suggested users of the site would feel far better about themselves if they just realised that everyone tells lies on the Internet about how great they are.

“Facebook users should remember that no-one posts photos of themselves looking awful, or about the terrible holiday they’ve just been on. Mainly because we’re all egomaniacal shits.”

“Comparing yourself against the fictional existence some prick decided to post on Facebook is about as healthy as the average school dinner.”

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Facebook depression

Mount went on to explain than the concept of people telling incredible lies about how brilliant they are is not a new social phenomenon.

She went on, “It’s been like this for thousands of years, but until now you had to go and actually talk to some mendacious arsehole before they started lying through their teeth about how great they are.”

“Your exposure to completely fabricated lives was limited to the people stood right in front of you at any point in time.”

“But thanks to Facebook you can now consume these fabrications more easily than ever before. Lie after lie, bullshit after goddamn bullshit.  No wonder we’re all depressed.”

“Unfortunately the only way to fix it is for people to start being honest online.”

“So you’d better get use to it.”

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