Sir Alan Sugar announces plans for ‘Elastic band loop’ linking London and Manchester

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UK-based entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar has unveiled his proposed elastic band powered ‘Loop’ transport concept to link London and Manchester.

The inventor of the Amstrad emailer envisions using elastic bands and catapults to shoot capsules floating through a long tube between the cities.

If the Elastic Loop is ever built, a trip on it between the two cities would last about 15 minutes, he said.

But Sir Alan says he is currently too busy to develop the project himself.

In a paper outlining the Elastic Loop proposal, Sir Alan suggested the elastic-powered system would be a faster, safer, less costly, and much more fun mode of transport between London and Manchester than the high-speed trains currently under development.

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Sir Alan told reporters, “Elastic bands are renewable energy, technically speaking, as you just need to pull them tight again and off you go.”

“I got the idea firing elastic bands across my office at Karen Brady. It’s my best yet.”

Elastic Band Loop

Travel experts have said the Sir Alan’s proposal has as much chance of being adopted as a desktop phone you can read your emails on.

Simon Williams said, “His proposals are very short of details, such as where he’s going to source the 100 mile long elastic bands, or how he’s going to pull them tight.”

“It all sounds very ridiculous, but then again, it’s no less ridiculous than HS2.”