Motorcyclists urged to consider driving like a small car once in a while

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Motorcyclists demanding to be treated like a small car on the nation’s roads have been asked if they wouldn’t mind driving like one every now and again.

As drivers admitted that they’d never seen a Nissan Leaf weaving between traffic during rush hour, many suggested motorcyclists would be a lot safer if they realised most of them drive like pricks.

Driver Simon Williams told us, “I understand the temptation to skip through traffic without a care in the world, I really do – and if we’re stationary, then fine.”

“But Jesus Christ, most of them wouldn’t know a highway code if was shoved in their helmet after they rolled across the front of your car.”

“They’re basically saying to everyone else on the road, ‘you all have to look after me whilst I run around like a maniac’. Just like a bloody errant child.”

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“Basically motorcycle riders are the sociopaths of roads.”

Motorbike safety

Many drivers of small cars have asked if they can be considered a ‘motorbike’ and drive around like they own the place whenever they feel like it.

Ford Ka driver Michael Jones told us, “I’ve tried driving like a motorbike, but I keep hitting things and it really annoys other drivers when I squeeze up between their stationary cars and take off both their wing mirrors.”

“They should obviously be more understanding of my position in this tiny vehicle.”