Wednesday 7 August 2013

UKIP issues travel warning for Bongo Bongo land

UKIP has taken the unprecedented step of warning members about travelling to Bongo Bongo land due to increased tensions in the region.

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom spoke of his concern about people looking for Bongo Bongo land on a map, when clearly everyone should be avoiding the place like it was a Polish deli.

Bloom told reporters, “It’s a dangerous place, Bongo Bongo land. So it’s probably best you don’t even Google it, as you’ll be forever traumatised by what you find.”

“I know political parties don’t usually offer travel advice to supporters, but we think it’s for the best in this case that you all forget Bongo Bongo land even exists.”

“I know I’m certainly trying to.”

Bongo Bongo Land

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said that although he personally didn’t know much about Bongo Bongo land, he would have to trust his fellow MEP.

Farage told reporters, “Some people are suggesting that Bongo Bongo land is a racist term, but that’s ridiculous.”

“I ask you is it any more racist sounding than ‘Burkina Faso’ – and that’s definitely a real place full of foreigners.”

“You probably shouldn’t go there, either, in fact.”

Media analyst Simon Williams told us, “This move would be political suicide for any other party – but then you realise this is UKIP supporters we’re talking about here.”

“The party is relying on the fact that most UKIP voters can’t use a computer, so I think they’ve probably got away with it.”

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