Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post after clicking ‘you might also like’ Amazon link

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has explained that his surprising purchase of the Washington Post was the result of clicking on a link suggesting he might like it after buying a book about newspapers.

Bezos paid $250m for the former newspaper giant, which has been struggling in recent years to adapt its business to accommodate the fact that the Internet is a real thing now.

The new owner of one of America’s most prestigious papers told reporters, “I’d just bought a book about the history of newspapers in America, when the Amazon algorithm said I might also like to purchase the Washington Post.”

“Apparently it’s been in Rupert Murdoch’s wishlist for a while now.”

“So I put it in my basket, and then thought ‘what the hell’. I had a spare quarter of a billion lying around anyway.”

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“That’s the thing about Amazon, it always seems to know exactly what the consumer wants. Well, right after they have bought it.”

Washington Post sale

Analysts have predicted that the use of the Amazon algorithm at the Post could revive the fortunes of the ailing brand.

As one explained, “There are a few teething issues though, only this morning there was some print at the bottom of a Washington Post story saying I might also like USA Today.”

“And it was right.”