Parents of awful children still ‘getting away with it’

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After owners of dangerous dogs were threatened with life imprisonment, many have asked how parents of shitty kids are still allowed to walk free.

As the government announced plans to introduce a prison sentence up to 15 years for owners of dangerous dogs, people everywhere have asked how officials continue to turn a blind eye to the lives negatively impacted by other people’s children.

Victim of unruly children Simon Williams told us, “I had a flight to Majorca a few weeks ago with some waste of spunk kicking the back of my chair the whole way.  How are his parents not in prison?”

“I mean, seriously. Community service is too good for those lax bastards.”

“Something must be done. Either they start putting unruly children in prison, or the parents go in. Pick one, Cameron.”

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Dangerous dogs legislation

The negative impact of terrible, terrible children on the lives of the innocent people who didn’t create them is something Williams claims should be higher on the government’s priority list.

He went on, “You used to need a licence to get a dog, yet most of these reprobate parents can raise a devil child without so much as asking for permission from the people around them.”

“I don’t wish to come across as mean-spirited, but isn’t it time we had a proper discussion about enforced sterilisation?”