Government hails success of ‘Go Home’ immigration ads in converting racist morons into supporters

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The government has admitted it is much cheaper to spend money on adverts on the side of buses than it is to educate people about the reality of immigration.

The Government has spoken of the success of its bus-based campaign aimed at people who think this sort of thing has any effect at all on immigration.

A Whitehall source told us, “None of these people want to know about policy changes, or the stark realities of complex familial cases around immigration.  They just want to know that we want them to go home.”

“Let’s be clear, these ads aren’t for the immigrants – they’re for the simple-minded voter to show them that we’re doing something.”

“Even if that something is just convincing simple-minded voters that we’re doing something.”

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“I think the recent success of UKIP shows this is a winning strategy.”

Illegal immigrants targeted with ads

Illegal immigrant Shane Williams told us, “Admittedly some of us live in fear of the immigration services breaking down our doors in the middle of the night.”

“What we don’t live in fear of is the number 66 bus driving past with a message most of us can’t read.”

“But if it makes a few morons happy then who are we to mind?”

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