More than two-thirds of public clearly have no idea how much £9bn is

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The British public has said that spending £9bn on the Olympics was ‘worth it’, before asking if a billion is ‘that one that’s a bit more than a thousand’.

A survey by ComRes for the BBC showed that people who thought the Olympics budget was definitely ‘worth it’ wouldn’t know a billion pounds if it landed on their head with a sign saying ‘this is a billion pounds’.

“It’s such an astronomically large number that most people can’t actually comprehend how big it is. That’s the only explanation we have,” said lead researcher Simon Williams.

“These same people said they would happily have seen £20bn spent on the Olympics for a couple of good weeks in July and August last year, but they then scream ‘rip-off’ at spending two grand on a fortnight in the Med.”

“I don’t think they’ve really understood the question, have they?”

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Olympics ‘worth it’

Many survey participants have been asked to clarify their opinions after insisting they didn’t believe £9bn was an unreasonable amount to spend on the Olympics.

Respondent Steve Matthews told us, “No, of course I didn’t mind £9bn being spent on the Olympics. I mean, it’s not like it was my money was it – ha!”

“Wait, what?”

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