Katie Price ‘furious’ at £10 bank note snub

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Katie Price has spoken of her anger after she was overlooked by the Bank of England as new face of the £10 note.

Bank officials today announced that Jane Austen will feature on notes from 2017, shortly before Katie Price told reporters the bank had made a ‘massive mistake’.

Speaking to a hastily convened press conference, she told the assembled ‘journalists’, “I’m definitely a more accurate representation of today’s British women than Jane Austen.”

“I mean, what fragrances did she ever release? I bet her boobs were barely even a B cup.”

“And don’t give me that ‘but she is a writer’ thing – my books sold more than hers did at Christmas.”

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“She’s never even had a calendar. She’s pathetic.”

New ten pound note

Bank officials have apologised to Price, but said that in order for her to be placed on a banknote everyone at the Bank of England would need to start smoking crack.

“Seriously, we wouldn’t put that woman’s picture on a packet of fags,” they helpfully added.

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