Nation’s men wondering if we can go back to talking about the weather yet

author avatar by 11 years ago

Just days after claiming there was nothing more tedious than seemingly endless discussions about the weather, the nation’s men have discovered they were completely wrong.

As most offices entered the seventh hour of relentless royal baby conversation, men have stared wistfully out of the window and wistfully reminisce about the halcyon days when all they had to do was listen to people complain about how hot it was.

Office worker Simon Williams told us, “My gut reaction to this morning’s royal baby conversation was ‘oh well, at least its not the weather’ – but I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

“If you think hearing endless descriptions about how hot someone was over the weekend is tedious, trying listening to four hours of speculation as to whether George or Alexander is a better name for a baby prince.”

“For the record, I would struggle to give less of a shit on the matter.”

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