Monday 15 July 2013

Use of guns to legally kill people still making USA ‘the place to be’

People shooting other people in a perfectly legal manner has once again seen the USA top the list of places you should definitely want to visit.

With George Zimmerman completely exonerated for shooting unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, experts have said the United States represents an incredible opportunity for thrill-seeking tourists.

Tour operator Simon Williams told us, “Why waste time looking at arts and crafts in some third world shit hole, when you can face the excitement of an over zealous self-proclaimed neighbourhood watcher shooting you because you looked at him funny?”

“Nowhere else in the world can you get that adrenaline hit from just walking down the street.”

“Well, technically there are plenty of places you could face this level of danger of getting shot, but nowhere else where it’s perfectly legal for them to do it.”

“Of course, if you’re white middle-class the thrill of genuine danger is likely to be a little less – we’re sorry but that’s just the way it is.”

George Zimmerman cleared

Williams went on to say that if you’re a white middle class person, you might want to consider ‘blacking up’ in order to get the full ‘US experience’.

“It really is a thrill a minute.  You won’t know if you’re likely to be stopped and searched by police, put in prison, or simply shot.”

“Literally anything could happen to you – but you must remember to be black. That bit is important.”

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