Sheep told they must opt-out of sex with Welshmen

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Sheep are now deemed to have given consent for all sexual activity in Wales unless they submit formal opt-out documentation, under new regulations announced by the Welsh Assembly yesterday.

With rights to sexual congress with sheep still considered something of a legal ‘grey area’, officials hope this change to the law will make the situation clearer for everyone.

Welsh government spokesperson Alun Williams explained, “This will prevent many situations where a farmer would like to have sex with his sheep, but can’t really be sure whether consent has been given – or not as the case may be.”

“Assumed consent will save time, and ultimately mean more sex – which is what we all want, right?”

Assumed consent in Wales

Critics have said the change will lead to sheep who haven’t actually given consent finding themselves at the centre of unwanted sexual liaisons.

However Williams was quick to explain that a failsafe has been put in place to ensure such situations do not occur.

He told us, “Sheep can still choose not to have sex with men in Wales, but they must express that wish in writing to the Welsh Assembly.”

“But that request must be in Welsh, obviously.”