If you want to be invisible, try a Post Office queue, public tells Edward Snowden

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If Edward Snowden wants to be completely forgotten by people working for the government, he should try joining a Post Office queue, security experts claimed this morning.

With his asylum options looking thinner by the hour, Snowden has been urged to try hiding in plain sight by actually asking the government for service to ensure they have no interest in seeing him.

“The mistake he’s made is by saying he doesn’t want to see the government.  The way to make a government really ignore you is to tell them you really need their help.”

“If he did, then he’d be forgotten quicker than an X Factor winner.”

Edward Snowden options

The tactic has been endorsed by dozens of people who are actually desperate to get the government’s attention.

Simon Williams explained, “I’ve been sat square in front of the government for over an hour now, and I’m pretty sure they’ve no idea I’m even here.”

“If Edward Snowden really wants the entire system to pretend like he doesn’t even exist, then he should just develop a disability.”

“That seems to work for most people.”