Friday 28 June 2013

Retired ex-pats forced to find new way to pay for air conditioning

Ex-pat pensioners have asked how they are supposed to afford to keep cool if they can’t use the money set aside to keep them warm.

With ex-pats in warmer climates set to lose a benefit designed to stop them freezing to death in winter, some have said they might have to stop using their air conditioning all together.

Retired Francis Williams of Spain told us, “I don’t see why I should have to lose this money just because I’m not going to turn into a popsicle any time soon.”

“There are worse things that can happen to an old person you know! Like, like profuse sweating and, and a difficult night’s sleep in your sea-view villa.”

“What if they just changed the name to ‘summer air conditioning allowance’? I could live with that.”

“Honestly, it’s like this government has a thing against old people who are living a much, much better life than anyone at home.”

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