Friday 28 June 2013

British Airways to pretend turning phone on the second plane lands was their idea

British Airways is to stop shouting at people who turn on their phone the very moment the wheels hit the tarmac, according to reports yesterday.

In a move the airline described as ‘responding to consumer demand’, critics have suggested they had no bloody choice in the matter.

Traveller Simon Williams told us,some”We’ve all been on a flight where a self-important office middle-manager launches his Blackberry whilst the plane’s wheels are still screeching.”

“But now it’s everyone from suit wearing pricks to teenagers desperate to pick up their latest snapchat firing up their mobiles whilst we’re still bouncing in our seats.”

“How endearing it is of British Airways to pretend this was actually their decision.”

British Airways mobile policy

Travel industry analysts have said the move will be copied by other airlines sick of having rules that absolutely everyone completely ignores.

As one analyst explained, “What is the point of a policy that is not only ignored, but is totally unenforceable and completely impractical.”

“It’s such a poorly thought through set of rules I could almost believe they were written by the same people who devised our corporate tax system.”

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