Holly Willoughby’s cleavage to get its own television show

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The cleavage of BBC present Holly Willoughby is to get its own show, after thousands of viewers said it was the best thing on television.

Viewers contacted the BBC in their droves to express their delight that there was finally something on the licence-funded channel worth watching.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “The Voice has been going on for month after tedious month, but my word, what a finale!”

“I could watch that cleavage all night long. It’s so good I’d even watch it present women’s football.”

“I even wrote to Points of View, which I’ve never done before. My letter only had one word – ‘Brilliant!’.”

Holly Willoughby cleavage

Rumours of a deal for the cleavage host its own chat show have surfaced, with an early evening weekend light entertainment show also a possibility.

The agent for Willoughby’s cleavage told us, “That’s the thing about the cleavage, it’s so incredibly versatile.”

“You could put it in front of just about anything on television and suddenly it’s eminently watchable by at least 50% of the population.”

“Not even Forsyth can compete with that.”