‘We thought she was a boy’ apologise rescuers of China fall girl

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The men responsible for catching a child that fell from a fifth floor window in China’s Zhejiang province have apologised to government officials, after it turned out the child was actually just a girl.

The men, who were working for a delivery firm in Ninghai County, eastern China, heard the toddler’s cries from the fifth floor window of her home and assumed it to be the wailing of a family-name-sustaining infant.

The workers reportedly confessed to a local government official of being left red-faced when they realised they were clutching a girl in a nation known for its one-baby per family policy.

Local governor, Xintao Mao, admitted they should have turned their attentions to preserving the well-being of a perilously positioned Samsung 36” flatscreen TV abandoned in the melee.

Chinese toddler fall

“It’s presumably very difficult to work out whether the crying child about 100 ft in the air is male enough to warrant saving,” he told reporters.

“But it’s always better to err on the side of caution, just in case a new branch of a family tree is at risk.”

“The disappointment these men felt upon seeing it was a female, I can only imagine.”

Mao went on to pour scorn on the efforts of the men residents had quickly dubbed ‘heroes’.

“Heroes is a big claim.”

“If they had completed their delivery on time, then perhaps.”

“The real heroes here are the family of the girl who was left to play beside an open window.”