EDL to target Burka-wearing Selfridges robbers

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Six men who dressed in burkas to carry out a smash-and-grab-raid St Selfridges are to incur the full wrath of the English Defence League, it has emerged.

Police said the robbers smashed glass cabinets to steal high value watches while failing to use religious slogans of any kind.

Meanwhile, the EDL described the event as an ‘atrocity’ and claimed Islamist fanatics are now targeting high-end British jewellery outlets using motorbikes.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said, “First Woolwich and now this.”

“Prior to today, the Anglo Saxon people of this country thought they were safe in Selfridges. If they try this here – what kind of shit might they pull in Debenhams?”

Burka robbery

Robinson is now planning a sponsored walk between London Department Stores, starting out at Selfridges and taking in John Lewis and Harvey Nicks, with any money raised going to victims of department store based burka crime.

“They probably borrowed these burkas off their wives,” Robinson added, “By the way – I’m not racist.”

The Metropolitan Police are said to be keeping all lines of enquiry open with a heavy emphasis on searching mosques and Hal al butchers.

Fellow EDL member and shopper Simon Williams said, “I was hoping to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend, but they’ve closed the store.”

“I’ll probably have to go to Ratners.”

“I don’t like her that much.”