Next Batman should be a woman, insist feminist super hero fans

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The next Batman should definitely be a woman, according fans of the franchise who claim major studios are behind an anti-feminist agenda to keep women out of leading hero roles.

With speculation mounting as to who should play the next Batman, feminist groups have said that now is the time to make Batman a woman.

As one feminist explained, “There’s nothing in the Batman mythology that says he can’t be a woman, apart from all the references to him being a man, and his name itself.”

“You’re stuck in the dark ages if you think a woman can’t play Batman.”

“Give me one good reason why Batman can’t be a woman. Ok, not that one. Or that one. Look, just give me twenty-five good reasons why Batman?”

“See? Difficult, isn’t it.”

Batman as a woman

Fans of the franchise have said making Batman a woman is an interesting idea, but one that should probably be ignored by absolutely everyone.

Comic fan Simon Williams told us, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. That’s how last year’s Total Recall got made.”

“I would suggest a good way for future generations to avoid debates such as this is for the writers to start making more explicit reference to the penises of our male heroes.”