EDL to be renamed Moron Defence League

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The English Defence League is to be renamed after it became apparent that the only people seeking its protection are complete morons.

With simpletons claiming they are in need of defending from people who are not the same type of simpleton, the EDL has become the MDL to focus on its core audience.

MDL leader Trevor Robinson told us, “Anyone who cowers in fear at the sound of a ‘Muslamic Ray Gun’ is welcome here in the Moron Defence League.”

“All you need is a tentative grasp on the very language you claim to want to protect, and the ability to throw a brick at a building full of people with different colour skin to you, and you’re in.”

“Oh, that and a willingness to completely ignore the wishes of the families of terrorism victims. That one’s really important.”

EDL becomes MDL

New recruit Simon Williams told us, “I am glad the MDL is here to protect us against the things they’ve made sound really scary.”

“It’s really important that morons have a voice in society, and now the EDL has rebranded, it gives people like me a way to feel like we belong.”

“We’re all going for a nice walk now, to show how scared we are of black people, would you like to join us?”