EDL to fight Muslim oppression by threatening you until you agree with them

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The EDL has claimed it can defeat oppressive militant Islamification if everyone just does and says exactly as they’re told.

Despite criticism from all sides of society, the EDL has defended its stance insisting the only way to defeat people from an oppressive regime it doesn’t like is to implement an oppressive regime it does like.

EDL member Simon Williams explained, “Muslims coming over here telling us how to live and threatening us if we don’t do as they say is unacceptable – and we will tell them how to live and threaten them until they agree with us.”

“Frankly I’m sick of people telling us our way of life is wrong, and I’ll throw rocks through the windows of anyone who disagrees.”

EDL oppression

Sociology experts have lauded the EDL as the perfect case study for morons fighting against a principle they appear to actually believe in.

“They really are an excellent specimen for study,” claimed Professor Matthews of London University.

“They’re full of contradictions, yet they yell loudly proclaiming them. Never have so many, who know so little, said so much.”

“Plus, if you haven’t seen that YouTube clip about the ‘muslamic ray guns’ you really should – it’s hilarious.”