Fury over Iain Duncan Smith ‘heart-eating video’

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A video which appears to show Iain Duncan Smith taking a bite from the heart of a dead benefit claimant has brought strong condemnation.

The footage, which cannot be independently authenticated, shows the Work and Pensions Secretary cutting out the heart with a Swiss army knife, eating a slice and feeding the aorta to his dog.

UK-based Human Rights Watch identified the unemployed man as Simon Williams, an MS sufferer from Tower Hamlets, and insisted Duncan Smith’s actions were ‘entirely inappropriate’.

The ninety minute long tape appears to depict some form of Black Mass and features other senior conservatives including Michael Gove dressed as a goat.

In another scene, a hooded figure roughly the same size and shape as George Osborne cavorts over a large tombstone bearing the inscription ‘The Welfare State’.

After twelve minutes and twenty seconds Duncan Smith turns to the camera and says,  “I swear to almighty God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you workshy sons of Jackals,” before peering over the corpse and pronouncing it fit for work.

IDS leaked video

Labour leader Ed Miliband, meanwhile, described the footage as ‘deeply troubling’.

“The mutilation of the bodies of the unemployed is a crime. But even more serious is the failure of this government’s long term strategy for growth,” he told us.

“Isn’t it strange how young Vince Cable looks all of a sudden?”

Labour has since announced that it will reverse any government policy of cannibalising the long term unemployed and described it as a cynical ploy to win over Daily Mail readers.

The video, posted anonymously on Sunday, is one of the most gruesome to emerge since one of Theresa May loading asylum seekers into a pit gained three million ‘likes’ on Facebook.