Ibis hotel inmates must work harder for privileges

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Male and female Ibis hotel inmates in England and Wales must work harder for privileges such as TVs in cells, the popular chain has said.

From November, paying customers must “actively earn privileges” and are being warned a simple absence of bad behaviour will “not be enough”.

Satellite and cable TV channels, currently available on a pay per view basis, will be banned altogether.

Ibis CEO Simon Williams said, “I want a regime that sends the right messages – turn your life around and there’ll be some incentives, but if you come back pissed at 3am and wake up other ‘guests’, then you’ll lose certain privileges.”

“But the word ‘privileges’ is misleading and it implies there is a lot of luxury in Ibis hotels, which really is not the case.”

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“A stay at an Ibis hotel is really all about preparing an individual for the outside world, which will be any time after 10am when we want to clean the room.”

“Those who think they can leave towels strewn across the bathroom floor like some sort of makeshift bathmat are in for a short sharp shock.”

“People seem to think they can treat this place like it’s somebody else’s hotel.”

privileges must be earned

The Hotel Reform Trust last night hit back insisting the withdrawal of basic human rights, such as access to complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities, would not prevent the couple in the next room going at it like rabbits.

Williams added, ‘The days when you thought you could just jizz on the sheets and leave it to the cleaners are sadly over my friend.”