Clowns furious after Ken Clarke brands them ‘UKIP members’

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Circus clown have reacted angrily to Ken Clarke’s suggestion that they are ‘a collection of UKIP members’, it has emerged.

The pro-European cabinet minister said that clowns had no positive policies and were just in favour of throwing buckets of water over people – preferably foreigners.

But Clown Leader, Nige Faragoni, hit back by accusing Mr Clarke of holding millions of circus lovers “in utter contempt”.

He said Mr Clarke was “obviously not interested” in winning back people with massive shoes and sad faces at Thursday’s local elections in England and Wales.

Veteran Tory Clarke reignited his party’s war of words with clowns last week by branding them a bunch of fruitcakes and racists.

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Meanwhile clowns have accused the Tories of conducting a “morally reprehensible” smear campaign against its local election candidates.

Clowns upset over UKIP slur

The Clown Party has recruited a record 1,732 candidates to contest Thursday’s local elections, but admits it has not had the time to vet them all for homophobic or far right views .

Faragoni rose to prominence as Britain’s lead clown after flying his toy aeroplane into turbulence and allowing it to crash into the ground in front of cheering spectators.

However, he courted further controversy after firing himself out of a canon to illustrate the pressure that migrants are putting on local services.

A group of clowns from Faragoni’s travelling circus were later accused of upsetting children by insisting that Rastamouse had only come to Britain to steal Fingermouse’s job.

And as recently as yesterday, Faragoni was forced to deny causing a scene in the frozen food aisle of Sainsburys after questioning the ethnicity of Dr Oetker.