Friday 26 April 2013

Syrian evidence confusing because we didn’t manufacture it, admit UN members

Emerging evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime has left Western governments baffled, because haven’t had to manufacture it.

With photos, videos and YouTube clips appearing from inside Syria, UK and US officials have begun wondering if this is what real weapons of mass destruction evidence looks like.

One government insider told us, “I asked an MoD official who created this evidence and he said ‘no-one’ – I have to tell you I was a little stumped.”

“It’s almost like we might have to intervene with a deadly regime for nothing but the right reasons. Won’t that be a novel experience?”

Syrian chemical weapons

Upon suggestion that the UN might have to actually intervene in Syria, government officials moaned, “Deo we really have to?”

“I’m not sure there’s much in it for us apart from helping millions of people escape an oppressive and deadly regime.”

“That’s not really what we do.”

“Maybe if they found a bit more oil?”

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