Newspapers reject regulation in favour of continuing to act like scumbags

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The newspaper industry has rejected a plan for press regulation agreed by the main political parties and have instead proposed their own plan which would allow them to continue to being completely immoral pieces of shit.

Their proposal is closely based on the draft charter agreed after the Leveson report but without “people being able to tell us what we can and can’t print, sanctioning us for breaking the law, or in any way interfering with anything we want to do.”

“Self-regulation has worked fine for years and we see no reason for anybody outside of the industry to get involved and start expecting us to act like human beings,” said a statement from the Newspaper Society.

“What we propose instead is that an independent regulatory body is set up as a retirement home for former editors.”

“They can continue to be paid large sums of money, ideally by the government, without having any actual power to tell us what to do.”

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“If we step out of line this independent regulator, instead of being able to force us to print apologies etc, will be able to make recommendations, which we will then probably completely ignore.”

Press regulation alternative

Campaign group Hacked Off say this proves that the industry has learned no lessons from the Leveson experience and are not sorry for the abuses exposed at the inquiry – a claim strongly rejected by the Newspaper Society.

“We are adamant that our proposals are firmly in the spirit of the Leveson inquiry.”

“Which is to say that they will result in a long and expensive process with no real end results.”

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