Thursday 25 April 2013

Wembley stadium covered in towels

Seats throughout Wembley stadium have been covered in German towels, according to reports this morning.

With German sides now favourites for the Champions League final at Wembley next month, German fans have wasted no time in using their traditional method of reserving their preferred seats.

A Wembley spokesperson explained, “We’re not sure when they did it, but they must have got up really early as they were all in place when we got here.”

“The weird thing is there’s not a German to be seen, it’s like they’ve put their towels down and gone back to bed.”

“All the best seats are gone, including six in the Royal box – the Windsors will be furious.”

Champions League final

European experts have said the German move might prove to be a little premature.

As one told us, “For sure, right now it appears they will have use of these seats in the next few weeks, but nothing is certain.”

“Only this morning I saw one Spanish guy pick them up and throw them in the nearest swimming pool.”

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