Jan Moir accused of dragging herself through hedge to write Daily Mail column

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Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir has been accused of dragging herself backwards through a hedge to write and article about Katherine Jenkins’ marathon attempt.

Moir wrote about how Jenkins looked during the London marathon, despite clearly trying to make herself look like a seedy Internet troll whilst writing like a seedy Internet troll.

As one avid Daily Mail reader said, “She’s clearly made herself look like that in an attempt to make herself look like a legitimate hard-working troll.”

“It’s quite convincing, and those soulless eyes really do make you feel like there’s not an ounce of compassion in her body.”

“She’s gone to great lengths to cultivate the likeness of a mean-spirited old witch, and for that she should be congratulated – not berated by people who are just jealous of her.”

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Jan Moir on Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins spoke on Twitter of the Moir article, telling her followers, “I wish her nothing but love, and if making herself look like an advert for constipation medicine is what she needs to do to succeed in Internet trolling, then I wish her the very best.”

“Criticise her if you like, but she really is at the top of her game.”

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