Tony Blair vindicated after pressure cooker categorised as WMD

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After the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction it has emerged that Tony Blair could have been right about Iraq all along.

WMDs had previously been categorised as nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, but now that a pressure cooker with a bomb inside has been added to the list it appears that the joint American/British invasion of Iraq was entirely justified.

“This totally changes everything,” said an official spokesperson for Tony Blair.

“Iraq would almost certainly have had possession of pressure cookers and numerous other kitchen appliances.”

“I hope everyone is going to apologise to Tony.”

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Blair right on WMDs

Weapons experts have warned that High street retailer Argos, whose catalogue openly boasts hardware from weapons manufacturers such as Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs, could be stockpiling a military arsenal capable of causing widespread devastation.

“A sandwich packed with cheese and tomatoes may look harmless enough,” warned one expert

“But if you place one in a Breville snack toaster for a few minutes it has the capability of causing serious burns to the chin and mouth.

“If countries like North Korea and Iran develop baked beans then it really doesn’t bear thinking about.”

News that modified kitchen appliances are now considered weapons of mass destruction has caused the public to review their attitudes towards mindless carnage.

“If pressure cookers are one of the main components of WMDs ,What does that make a semi-automatic assault rifle?” asked 43 year-old Clive Goodlord.