Chris Huhne persuades ex wife to run London Marathon on his behalf

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Currently banged up former cabinet member Chris Huhne has cajoled his ex wife Vicky into running the London marathon on his behalf, according to reports.

Huhne was due to compete in the race but pulled out after being sentenced to eight months of bum fun in an open prison.

Estranged wife Vicky Price,69, has reluctantly agreed to take the 26 miles on Huhne’s behalf despite suffering from the long term complications imposed by rickets.

Price’s only experience of distance running had been of trying to catch a bus to Marble Arch after being stripped of her driving licence.

But Huhne convinced Price to prepare for the race by competing in last week’s ill-fated Boston marathon, insisting it would do wonders for her angina.

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Huhne’s marathon attempt

Price should be instantly recognisable due to her characteristic stumbling gait and her 10 foot tall gorilla outfit.

Huhne has also persuaded her to carry a placard advertising the sale of his BMW, claiming it is ‘in both their best interests’ that the car finds a buyer.

The disgraced former MP stands to win a £20 bet with fellow inmate ‘Racist Terry’ if his ex wife achieves a personal best of not suffering a heart attack.

Ms Price hopes that by completing a marathon that she never wanted to run in the first place, she will help to raise awareness that her ex husband is a massive twat.