Monday 22 April 2013

BBC’s The Voice to compete against Channel 5’s ‘The Pretty Face’

BBC talent show The Voice will be challenged by new Channel 5 by show The Pretty Face where media moguls will stare at people in silence before deciding if they could manipulate teenagers into buying an album bearing their photograph.

The news has come as The Voice has received criticism for being a bit on the long side and failing to keep the interest of viewers who are making their own entertainment whilst watching it live.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “Why hasn’t Tom Jones mentioned Elvis yet? It’s the only reason I watch the bloody thing.”

“Well, that and to laugh at someone I vaguely recognise from a late 90’s boy band being rejected by all the judges.”

“Plus there’s absolutely no chance of accidentally catching a glimpse of Simon Cowell – which is a bonus.”

The Pretty Face

The new Channel 5 programme insists it will be truer to the music industry than any show currently on television.

A show insider told us that instead of revolving seats as seen on The Voice, judges will walk up to contestants and pick and prod at them until they decide upon their suitability as a mass market media product.

The insider told us, “We won’t ask them to sing, just to look meaningfully into the camera in way that will convince teenagers to pay money for them things with their likeness on it.”

“The judges will ask, ‘Can I convince a fourteen year-old girl to pester her parents for a calendar with this young man’s photo all over it?'”

“If the answer is yes, they go through – it will be gripping television, I assure you.”

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