Conspiracy theorists delighted with opportunity to work on new material

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The sort of people who believe the 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ have welcomed the Boston bombings as the perfect opportunity to talk about how they know ‘the truth’.

With victims still fighting for their lives, Tea Party nut jobs such as Alex Jones have taken to Twitter to explain why blowing up their own people is something the US government would definitely do.

Jones Tweeted, “If you want to know what really happened, listen to me, not the television, because my theories are first class fabrications that you simply can’t get anywhere else.”

“The reason for the bombings is because the government want to take away my guns – definitely. You wait, you’ll see. I’ve joined up all the dots with my crayons.”

“Follow me on Twitter, buy my books and listen to my radio station for more definitely true information that I just made up.”

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Conspiracy theorists

Normal people still horrified by the incident spoke of Jones’ outburst, explaining why he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Television viewer Simon Williams told us, “Look, this is a man who made Piers Morgan look like the good guy, so that should tell you everything you need to know about him.”

“And whilst we’re at it, why doesn’t media turn this into a heartwarming story about how this tragic incident brought out the best of the Boston community?”

“You know, with picture of normal people running into the smoke, marathon runners giving blood to help the injured, family homes opened to visitors stranded by the lockdown – that sort of thing?”

“Oh, because that won’t help ratings will it – silly me.”