Millwall fans left furious as Wembley violence marred by footballing outbreak

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Millwall fans have spoken of their disappointment about how a really good scrap was spoiled by football match a few yards away.

After failing to get into a fight with opposition Wigan supporters, the violence-hungry Millwall fans decided to fight amongst themselves in a move some cockneys have described as ‘a proper naughty session’.

As Millwall fan Simon Williams explained, “I love nothing more than going to the football and punching fans of another team full in the face. But modern segregation has made that impossible in the stadium.”

“So we did what any violence-seeking Neanderthal would do, and we turned on each other.  It was absolutely cracking.”

“Right up until those bloody players starting scoring goals and stuff. It gets very distracting when you’re trying to get a decent right cross in.”

FA Cup semi violence

Williams went on, “There were times when I could barely see the next sucker punch due to fans trying to watch the game. It should be outlawed.”

“If I wanted to watch football I’d go and support someone else, wouldn’t I?”

However FA officials have yet to condemn the outburst, explaining they could sort of see why it happened and that it wasn’t all bad.

As one explained, “On the bright side, this fight is the one thing Millwall will definitely win this season.”