Twitter raises North Korea alert level to ‘OMG!!!!’

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Twitter has raised its alert level to ‘OMG!!!!’ amid indications that North Korea is preparing for a missile test.

The alert level had previously stood at ‘WTF!!’ but was raised to ‘OMG!!!’ After US and South Korean sources said that at least one ballistic missile with an estimated 3,000km range is fuelled and ready for launch.

The ‘OMG!!!!’ alert level has previously only been applied on the site by Justin Bieber fans who noticed a slight variation on his hairstyle.

A Twitter spokesperson reassured users of the site that the additional two characters required when discussing North Korea won’t impact upon their need to share what they had for lunch.

“We appreciate that 140 characters can be quite restrictive, but shortening ‘sandwich’ to ‘sarnie’ or ‘baguette’ to ‘F-stick’ should help.”

North Korea panic level

Other social networking sites have also moved to increase their alert levels, with Facebook raising its status to ‘OMFG!!’ and moderators of online forums introducing a new range of emoticons to reflect heightened concerns.

Amongst those on Twitter to implement the new alert level was @arman__357, who tweeted: “OMG!!!! NORTH KOREA BETTA NOT NUKE BEFORE LUNCHTIME!!! I WANNA GET ME A SUBWAY!!”

@Trilla90 also expressed similar concerns by simply tweeting: “OMG!!!! North Korea!!!!!!!!”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged social networks to refrain from adding any further exclamation marks to their alert levels amid concerns that they’re causing unnecessary panic.

“There is never any need for more than one exclamation mark,” he said.

“If you must use more than one exclamation mark then I would urged you to follow it up with a ‘LOL’ to avoid increasing tensions any further.”