George Osborne a ‘vile product’ of parental handouts, claim welfare supporters

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Chancellor George Osborne is a vile product of a culture where the handout of vast sums of cash to people who haven’t had to work for it is seen as a good thing, according to welfare recipients everywhere.

The claims have been backed by political analysts, who insist we are right to question a lifestyle choice in which morons can inherit millions and then think they can buy their way into positions of power.

Welfare recipient Simon Williams told us, “Do you want to know what happens when you just give people vast amounts of money without them having to work for it? They begin to think they deserve it.”

“The only difference between him and a welfare recipient is that he was given a lot more than a few quid a week.”

“He’s only where is today due to parental handouts. Does George Osborne have the intellect to have worked his way from a comprehensive school to Chancellor of the Exchequer? Or did several private school cheques and membership of the right clubs help him along the way?”

“I’ll let you decide.”

 Osborne a ‘vile product’

Others have sought to explain the pervasive nature of inheritance on modern British society.

Political analyst Michael Jameson explained, “Do you know the difference between an inheritance recipient and a welfare recipient?”

“One is a scrounger content to live off the hard work of others without event having had a proper job in their lives, and the other one is poor.”

“And if George Osborne can link a culture of benefit handouts to the murder of six children, then obviously parental cash handouts can be linked to his murdering of the British economy.”