PCC’s Paul Dacre to ‘fully investigate’ Daily Mail story he completely approved of

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Chairman of the PCC’s Editor’s Code of Practise Committee and Daily Mail Editor, Paul Dacre, has promised to fully investigate complaints about a Daily Mail article he personally approved.

The article, which has sparked thousands of complaints after linking benefit recipients to murderous tendencies, will be ‘investigated fully’ insisted the man who read it yesterday before stamping it with his seal of approval.

Dacre told reporters, “I will look closely into the procedures which allowed me to publish story, and if steps need to be taken to amend my behaviour then I will tell myself in the sternest terms possible. Definitely.”

“As a member of the PCC I will read the article in question – again – I say again since I read it in its entirety yesterday when I had to assign it to the front page of the newspaper I edit.”

“I take my PCC role extremely seriously, and the public complains to me about my newspaper and something we wrote. If I have to act then I act exactly as you would expect. Like a professional.”

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Daily Mail complaint

Dacre went on to defend his role at the PCC.

He told reporters, “I don’t see why so many people are concerned about someone like the editor of the Daily Mail investigating complaints against the Daily Mail – haven’t we just gone over all of this with the Leveson enquiry?”

“If any changes were really needed, then the government would have made them, obviously.”

 I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)