Lord Carey somehow mistaking ‘not getting own way all of the time’ with ‘persecution’

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The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has accused David Cameron of persecuting Christians after being told he won’t be getting his own way on everything, all of the time.

Carey spoke out after the government refused to make everything he said into a law that everyone else has to abide by.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Carey said, “I hate the idea of gay marriage and yet the government insists on making it perfectly legal.”

“It’s almost as if the government doesn’t care what it says in my really important two-thousand year old story book.”

Persecuted Christians have spoken in support of Lord Carey, saying there has never been a worse time to be a Christian in the six-thousand year old history of the world.

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Definite Christian Sharon Jameson told us, “Schools and their ‘education’ and ‘science’ are making it harder and harder for me to convince my children about the stories in the Bible.”

“You should try telling a six year-old child about the story of creation, only for them to tell you to try Googling ‘carbon dating’ – it’s very dispiriting.”

Christian persecution

Lord Carey continued his tirade against the government, telling Mail readers, “Did you know the government is also happy for people to not be Christians – what’s that all about?”

“This country is just one step away from burning Christians at the stake.”

However non-Christian Simon Williams told us, “He’s afraid of being burned at the stake? Ah, I see what he’s done there, he’s mistaken the way Christians used to deal with non-believers, with how a civilised society deals with grown-ups who still play make-believe.”

“I suppose if you’re the sort of person who believes the Bible is literally true, then that sort of mistake is easy to make.”

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