British Summer Time to reduce prisoners’ sentences by 1 hour, reveals Daily Mail

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Murderers and rapists, many of them foreign, will flick two fingers up to Britain’s soft-touch justice system when the clocks go forward this Sunday.

Chris Huhne and other radical hate mongers who are due for release before the autumn will see their sentences slashed by a whole hour due to the liberal/left daylight gain.

And many within the justice system believe they will use the extra hour to rape innocent Britons, while living it up on benefits in massive houses paid for by decent hardworking taxpayers.

Daily Mail reader Simon Williams said: “It’s an outrage.”

“Life should mean Life, not Life minus one hour. They’ve been getting away with it for years!”

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Daily Mail outrage

Other Daily Mail readers were similarly incensed by the prospect of dangerous maniacs flooding onto the streets like a tidal wave of knife-wielding faeces.

“I’d much rather play golf in total darkness and be a target for foreign perverts than see those same perverts granted early release by the flawed liberal extra sunshine agenda,” said 48 year-old Brian Philpott.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage sympathised with voters who are concerned about foreign rapists gaining an hour.

“What kind of message will this send out to criminals from Romania and Bulgaria,” he said.

“The sun that lights up the UK is the same sun that shines over Brussels and the rest of Europe.

“What this country needs, and what UKIP will fight for, is its own sun.

“We need a sun that puts British people first!”

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