Homophobes admit defeat in face of overwhelming Facebook profile photos

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Homophobia has been eliminated, according to reports, after the movement admitted it couldn’t face looking at another pink equal sign on Facebook.

Despite two millennia of well-established abhorrent opinions and the backing of religious orders around the world, a Facebook news feed full of revised profile pictures has seen off a movement millions have called ‘outdated bigotry’.

As one former homophobe explained, “I used to think gays were disgusting beings destined for an eternity in a fiery Hell, but then a I saw a new profile photo from a guy that I follow on Twitter.”

“It made me think, ‘pink equals… hmm, equality for all!’ – I guess I’ll just have to embrace the gays now. Metaphorically speaking.”

Equality profile photos

However there are still a few small pockets of raging homophobes clinging to their oudated world view.

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Homophobe Simon Williams told us, “You gay rights people talk about intolerance, but look how intolerant you are of my hateful bigoted opinions.”

“Why can’t you just accept me for the spiteful close-minded person that I am? This claim of intolerance is the height of hypocrisy if you ask me.”

“Oh, what’s that? You’re changing your Twitter profile photo to a pink equal sign? Well, I guess your point is now valid.”

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