Michael Gove’s parents summoned to ATL annual conference

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Michael Gove’s parents have been summoned to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers annual conference to discuss the unruly attitude of the disruptive education secretary.

Mr Gove has angered teachers over the past year with his behaviour, and they have unanimously decided that drastic steps need to be taken.

“If he wants to mess about in his own time then that’s fine,” said one exasperated teacher.

“But his behaviour is having a negative affect on other pupils, so we have to nip things in the bud before things get out of hand.”

ATL general secretary Dr Mary Bousted revealed that involving parents is a last resort, but that they had “explored all other avenues” and had been left with “no other choice”.

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“It’s in one ear and out the other with Gove,” she said.

“If him and his sidekick, Sir Michael Wilshaw, aren’t disrupting lessons then they’re bullying someone.”

“We’ve tried separating them, but to no avail.”

Gove’s parents summoned

Mr Gove has insisted that it’s all the teachers’ fault and that they are just picking on him for no reason.

Writing in the Daily Mail, he said, “It’s not fair, they’ve always had it in for me!”

“I haven’t done anything! It was Ed Balls!”

Mr and Mrs Gove revealed that they were upset at the news, but not surprised.

“Oh, God, what’s he done now?!” said Mrs Gove.

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